A world wide quality biodegradable products production
fabric, situated at San Nicolas, Aruba.

The Company...
Arupro Chemical & Agencies was registered at the Chamber
of Commerce of Aruba on May 12, 1999.
The company started as a representative agent.
On December 2006 we started the installation of our own
production plant.

Start up...
After officially presented formulations and samples to the
health department of Aruba, we started minor production at
Brazil #111.

The present production team...
Among our team, we have:
  • 1 graduated Chemist Technician with over 20 years of
  • 1 graduated Mechanical Technician.
  • 6 production helpers
  • 2 packing / driver
  • The overall chemical handling and operations falls in to
    the hands of a well known local Chemical Engineer.

Administration and Management:
Administration & Accounting:
Maralma Accounting Services N.V
Management: Andres, Martine and Lenn Hernandez

Production plant...
During mid 2008 we got the oportunity to purchase the
property known as Van Gallen Straat #4,situated at San
Nicolas Industrial Zone. A mayor challenge!

We have reconstructed the original building, expanded and
opened an outlet store at the east side of the property
(250m2), a plastic recycle center, extended 200m2 of
warehouse at the west side of the property.

3E Certification...
During 2014 we got 3 of our products internationally

Outlet store
On December 2019 we opened an outlet at the east side of the
production plant. we offer our National products and the
agency's at simply the best price on the Island! no
competition...ALL GUARANTEE HERE IN ARUBA, also you
can bring your empty plastics...we re-fill them saving you lost
of money at the same time maintain our island clean of
plastics...thank you for that!
We are...
Go green...Go Arupro